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“We have decided to use the EnerLyzer software option together with the CMC 356, so we can use the test set as a multifunctional multimeter and transient recorder.”

Benefits of this solution

Powerful solution

During troubleshooting, the measurement and recording of analog and binary signals is one of the protection engineer's main tasks. Our CMC 256plus and CMC 356 test sets contain a powerful 10-channel transient recorder.

Highly versatile

This Test Universe software option enables both test sets to do 10 channel transient recordings at sample rates of up to 28 kHz. It is a multimeter for I, V, f, S, P, Q, cos phi and provides trend recordings for I, V, f, S, P.

Powerful analysis

EnerLyzer also offers powerful functionality for harmonics analysis as well as a variety of trigger functions that include Power Quality parameters.

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