Partial discharge diagnosis for power transformers

Benefits of this solution

Meets industry standards

The MPD 800 measures partial discharge in compliance with the IEC 60270 standard to ensure the reliable detection of PD activity in power transformers.

Accurate analysis

Three-phase, multi-channel measurements effectively separate internal partial discharge sources from each other and from noise signals to ensure accurate analysis.

Reliable noise filtering

The MPD 800 provides you with a free choice of measurement frequency and bandwidths to maximize measurement sensitivity in environments with high interference.

Advanced analysis tools

The MPD 800 uses advanced graphical tools, such as 3PARD (3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram), to separate multiple partial discharge sources for reliable fault detection.

“With our MPD 800 you can reliably and accurately detect and analyze partial discharge and radio interference voltage in power transformers, especially in noisy environments.”

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