Benefits of this solution

Sophisticated IED investigation

IEDScout is an ideal tool for working with IEC 61850 devices. It provides access to the IEDs and performs numerous useful functions including setting groups and file transfer.

Manifold applications

IEDScout performs many applications with IEC 61850 devices, such as testing, troubleshooting, commissioning, and IED development. It enables you to investigate and simulate multiple IEDs simultaneously.

High level of compliance with standards

Supporting the standards IEC 61850 Edition 1, IEC 61850 Edition 2 and IEC 61400-25, IEDScout works with IEC 61850 compatible IEDs from any vendor.

Smart IED simulation

You will be able to simulate whole IEDs, including their server, reports, and GOOSE, based on their SCL file. The data values can also be changed.

“Entire IEDs can be simulated with IEDScout – that is really remarkable.”

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